How Fast Can Invisalign Fix Your Teeth?

Mar 01, 2023

Have you always wanted straight teeth? Are you thinking about treating your dental spacing issues? Our Tremont dental clinic offers a great choice that is quicker, more attractive, and more comfortable – Invisalign. Since Invisalign aligners straighten teeth without being noticed, both adults and teenagers have developed a liking for them. It is a perfect alternative to traditional metal braces for people who seek straight teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners developed as a modern replacement for traditional braces. For those who want straight teeth without using traditional metal braces, it’s a good alternative. You will receive several transparent, replaceable, and personalized trays with Invisalign. Every two weeks or so, you switch one set with a little different one.

You can remove your trays easily. So, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and also brush your teeth comfortably. Furthermore, no food is forbidden. You can even consume beef jerky, popcorn, taffy, and hard candy.

What is Invisalign Treatment?

One of the various procedures an orthodontic specialist will provide you is Invisalign treatment. It is great for people who prefer to keep their dental appointment about correcting their crooked or misaligned teeth private.

Additionally, this orthodontic procedure helps to close gaps in your teeth. Adults should use Invisalign because it keeps their treatment quiet. However, teenagers should use it because, unlike metal braces, it does not hurt.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal braces for people who seek straight teeth. The severity of your orthodontic issue will determine how long you will need Invisalign therapy. However, some patients may need to wear aligners for up to 18 months. Most patients will finish their treatment within 12 months.

After examining your teeth, the dentist in St. Catharines will offer you a more precise estimate of how long your treatment will last. Invisalign also works much more quickly than traditional braces.

You might have to wait between 18 months and three years to get full results after a mouthful of metal. But teeth alignment with Invisalign is often achieved in 6 to 18 months. However, based on many factors, the overall length of treatment varies for each patient’s situation.

Crowded Teeth

A patient’s jaw may be too narrow to accommodate all their teeth normally. Due to this, the teeth may bunch together or overlap. This kind of tooth movement and repositioning is known as being “crowded.”

Because patients have problems brushing and flossing effectively when their teeth are severely misaligned, plaque and tartar grow speedily when teeth are crowded. With time, these issues may occur and result in gum disease and tooth decay.

There is evidence that Invisalign can help with crowded teeth. However, if there is a lot of overlapping, the crowding treatment may take longer and require additional appointments. Minor tooth crowding can take six months to resolve. More complicated situations will take longer and call for additional help.

Gapped Teeth

A patient’s additional space between teeth is referred to as having “gapped teeth.” Food that collects in these spaces leads to tenderness, discomfort, and even gum disease. Clear aligners like Invisalign can help to fill this gap effectively. Usually, your spacing issue gets resolved in eight weeks if the gap isn’t too big. But it can take longer if the gap is wide.

Unfortunately, after finishing an entire Invisalign treatment, the gaps can gradually reappear. That is why many orthodontists advise their patients to begin wearing a retainer once their cycle of Invisalign is complete.

Patient Age

Age does not affect how long an Invisalign treatment will take overall. For example, the orthodontic treatment of teenage patients may take a little longer, according to a few orthodontists. But the majority of dentists, however, blame compliance concerns for this. It is less common for teenagers to keep their braces on for the recommended amount of time.

Flaunt Your Straighter Smile Today

There isn’t a more effective, practical, or comfortable way to fix your smile than with Invisalign. It is a fantastic treatment option for people who want to straighten their teeth without using metal braces. To get expert guidance on whether Invisalign is the right choice for you, you must speak with dental professionals at Monarch Dentistry.

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