Reasons You Require a Dental Visit before Christmas

Dec 15, 2022

Christmas weekend will be upon you even before you realize the year-end has arrived. You might anticipate meeting family members and friends during the holidays and would want to look at your best smiling away to glory.

You might love Christmas celebrations arriving yearly, thinking about the delicacies or the gifts you will receive. However, your teeth hate the thought of this festival because they bear the brunt of the abuse you put on them.

You indulge in foods and beverages harmful to your teeth. You even don’t consider caring for them appropriately, thinking your teeth also need a vacation from the everyday torture of brushing and flossing. Therefore don’t you think you must schedule a dental visit before Christmas to verify whether your teeth have any demands you must satisfy? If you do, we suggest you schedule an appointment with the dentist in St Catharines immediately to ensure your teeth are in optimal shape for the celebrations.

Dental Health Tips during Christmas

Christmas is when you let yourself go and enjoy all the harmful foods and beverages with family and friends, paying little attention to your teeth. If you have tooth decay or gum disease, the time to ensure the infections don’t aggravate is now and not after Christmas.

For example, if you leave a cavity untreated before Christmas, the problem might become severe later to need root canal treatment instead of mere fillings. Therefore if the family dental clinic discovers any holes in your teeth, you can have them restored immediately to ensure they don’t become a reason to receive intensive treatments.

Your tooth enamel erosion skyrockets during Christmas from the acidic beverages you consume, making you vulnerable to more dental infections. In such cases, dentists recommend you eat cheese with acidic drinks because the alkaline content in the cheese neutralizes the acids.

The family dentist emphasizes that you maintain appropriate dental hygiene practices by brushing twice daily, flossing once, using antibacterial mouthwash twice daily and scheduling your appointment for cleaning immediately after the celebrations.

The tips dentists provide help avoid visits to emergency dentistry when least expected during Christmas celebrations or later. Therefore you must ensure you follow the dentist’s instructions as best as possible to make sure you can enjoy the holidays and celebrations without restrictions or a swollen mouth.

Avoid Dental Emergencies During Traveling

Christmas is also a busy time of the year when you plan to travel interstate by driving or flying to different destinations. Of course, you wouldn’t want to confront a dental emergency when you are out of town, would you? Unfortunately, dental emergencies can affect you even during Christmas because your mouth bacteria also start celebrating the foods and beverages you consume and working overtime to ensure they succeed in their efforts.

You can prevent your mouth bacteria from succeeding by visiting the family dentist at Tremont for a thorough exam and cleaning before Christmas to put your mind at peace, knowing dental infections aren’t likely to make you vulnerable to emergency dental visits.

Essential Precautions before Christmas

If you have dental insurance, you are entitled to two yearly dental visits for exams and cleanings without charges. Isn’t it helpful to have your dental needs fulfilled before the holidays close? Therefore you must use the benefits of your insurance policy can get your teeth and gums examined and cleaned before it is too late.

Most dentists also look forward to the celebrations and try to spend quality time with their families working limited hours during the holidays or remaining closed. Would you consider waiting until after the holidays to remove ungainly stains on your teeth that will undoubtedly aggravate during the celebrations? Instead of leaving the teeth whitening treatment, you need to display a gleaming smile later; you find it beneficial to get your teeth cleaned now and even have a home whitening kit handy to ensure you maintain its results until the New Year.

You can do your best to keep your teeth and gums healthy before, during, and after the celebrations. However, it would help if you aimed to succeed in your efforts by visiting the dentist today instead of later to make this Christmas and the New Year an occasion that you remember forever by visiting your dentist before Christmas as an essential and precautionary measure.

Monarch Dentistry welcomes new and old patients during any time of the year, particularly before Christmas, to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums to enjoy the festivities. If you haven’t scheduled your appointment with the dentist, kindly arrange a meeting with this practice as a measure to care for your teeth.

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