Happy Girl after amalgam-free-fillings treatment with Southern, ON dental clinic

If you look into the mouth of an older person, you may notice a fair amount of metal. This is usually amalgam filling. It is a metallic solution that fills in cavities and cracks in the tooth. However, it doesn’t need to be said that this isn’t the best look for a tooth. The amalgam filling was used back in the day because it was easy to place and allowed the dentist to assure the patient that the filling would last. Today, there are amalgam-free fillings that have many of the same benefits.

What is an Amalgam-Free Filling?

An amalgam-free filling is just a fancy way of saying composite resin filling. These fillings are the same as amalgam fillings in that the dentist is essentially gluing parts of the tooth together so that the tooth’s structure can say intact. The composite dries to the same color as your teeth, so essentially you are getting all the benefits of amalgam fillings without the clear sign that you indeed have a filling. The amalgam free filling is indistinguishable to people when you smile and laugh, and that’s why it is preferred to the amalgam filling.

Why Would I Need an Amalgam Free Filling?

The reason why folks need fillings is cavities. A dental cavity is the beginning of a bigger problem. The problem being the enamel of the tooth is degraded in an area, and the tooth is breaking down. If the cavity exposes the nerve root to the outside elements, then you could have even more issues. The amalgam-free filling is what fills in the cavity and gives the tooth the strength it needs to work as it did before the cavity.


There are many reasons that folks would need a filling. Getting an amalgam free filling is a great way to get the treatment you need while not having to deal with the problems that come with having all that metal in your mouth. You’ll smile wide because no one but you will know you had cavities.

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