There are lots of different types of prosthetics that are in use in dentistry today beyond traditional dentures. The truth is most folks are not missing an entire set of teeth that require dentures but instead are missing teeth here and there, creating empty spaces in the mouth. Of course, no one wants to have a mouth that has gaps because it makes you less inclined to smile and also affects your dental hygiene. The good news is there are solutions for a mouth that has some empty spaces in it, and one of the main solutions is bridges and dental implants. These prosthetics are designed to fill in the gaps in your mouth so effectively that only a trained eye would notice the difference.


The way bridges work is that they use the adjacent teeth for support. You can have a bridge of up to three teeth, provided that there is support on either side. The bridges essentially will clip onto the healthy teeth and should fit properly in the gap. The dentist may have to do a little filing just to make the bridge fit right, but this is not to the detriment of the teeth. Bridges also can be removed easily.


Dental implants are permanent bridges except they do not require using the adjacent teeth for support. These implants are notable because while they are more expensive than bridges, they are quite strong and can handle the duty of a regular tooth. The best part about implants is that they are designed to last for a long time. While the price tag for some may seem a bit prohibitive, the reality is that there are amazing benefits that you get with implants that you won’t get with other types of dental prosthetics, durability being the most prominent of the benefits.


There are many reasons that you should stop by your dentist for prosthetic teeth. Besides filling in gaps in your smile, it will promote better dental health. They make sure that your teeth look good.

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