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General dentists can treat patients of all ages, including children, but to ensure that your child is receiving exactly the care that he or she needs, you may want to consider children’s dentistry. This specialty consists of treatment of children from birth to adolescence and includes the use of sedation dentistry for young patients who require it. At Monarch Dentistry, we aim to provide quality care for your children and to build a good relationship with them in Ontario to make sure that they keep up with regular appointments as they age.

New teeth

The primary teeth, more commonly known as the “baby” teeth, start to erupt at around six to 12 months. Children are recommended to have their first dentist appointment within six months of the appearance of this first tooth, or by the time they turn one. The baby teeth will then continue to come in until around age three. In total, there will be 20 primary teeth, which will then start to fall out to be replaced by the permanent teeth at around age six.

Protecting children’s teeth

As children are learning how to properly brush and floss (and keep up with the habit daily), they may need some extra protection in keeping their teeth free of cavities. Dental sealants can help do this. They are applied to the back teeth in just one appointment and form a thin, plastic coating that can then act as a barrier against harmful substances in the mouth, such as food particles, bacteria, and plaque. They last for several years and can be reapplied if needed.

Developing healthy oral hygiene habits

Brushing should be supervised until you are sure that your child can do it on their own without accidentally swallowing the toothpaste. Fluoride is not recommended for children unless your dentist specifically advises using it. Appointments to the Southern On dentist for a cleaning and exam should be made every six months. If your child participates in sports activities, a sports guard should be used.

For quality dental care for your children in Ontario, come visit us at Monarch Dentistry.

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