Girl with tooth pain need emergency dental care at St catherines

We have all been there before. It’s a night or a weekend, you bite into something, and all of a sudden it feels like one of your teeth is hooked up to jumper cables. The pain is unbelievably intense, and you feel as if you can get no relief. Sure, you may take over the counter painkillers, but they’re not doing anything. All you want is to head to the dentist so that the pain can stop. Fortunately, there are many emergency dentists around for just this reason. Your dentist will also be sure to help out as well. The good thing about dental emergencies is that everyone is sympathetic. We have all been there before, and there’s always help available to get rid of the pain. Monarch Dentistry helps to Manage a Dental Emergency to Save Your Tooth.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be a sudden onset of serious pain or something where an underlying issue in the tooth suddenly gives way. An example of a sudden emergency would be getting a tooth knocked out. An example of a situation where something is festering and then explodes is if you bite into something just right and it damages a filling, exposing the nerve root to air. This is quite painful, and time will seem to stand still. These emergencies need to be handled right away because if they’re not, then worse things like infections can happen.

How to Get Emergency Treatment

Getting emergency treatment is quite easy. When you have a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is call your dentist’s office. They will have a phone number to call in case of an emergency. Usually, the office gets back to you right away and they’ll tell you where there’s an emergency dentist or make an appointment with you when they have an opening. Calling your dentist is the best thing to do right away.


You can’t plan for a dental emergency, but you can make sure that if it comes up, you have a plan. Make sure that you have your dentist’s phone number available so you can get the help you need right away. Get in touch with Dentists at Monarch Dentistry if you need urgent dental help.

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