Happy Girl at Southern ON dental clinic after dental treament with IV sedation

One of the biggest barriers that keep people from getting their teeth worked on is the idea that it will hurt and feel awful. The problem is that convincing people that dental work is necessary is easy, but getting them to get in the chair is another story. There are many ways that the pain barrier can be overcome. For folks who are worried about how the pain would be in an appointment, they may want to look into different forms of sedation. One of the most popular forms of sedation for longer procedures is IV sedation. This type of sedation is commonly used for larger scale procedures that will take a bit of time.

How IV Sedation Works

An IV sedation is very easy to understand. Once you are in the chair, they will connect you to an anesthetic that will get processed intravenously. You’ll have to withstand the prick of a needle, but then you will quickly be sedated. This allows the dentist to work on you and adjust the anesthetic as needed. You won’t have to worry about coming to in the middle of the procedure; the anesthetic is running throughout. Because you are sedated, it is easier for the dentist to do work in your mouth. That’s why IV sedation is great for folks who need lots of work.

The Benefits of IV Sedation

The biggest benefit of IV sedation is that you are completely out when the procedure is happening. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the different things that may happen and you’re not experiencing the procedure in real time. The psychological aspect of dentistry is that with the tools being near your mouth, it makes sense that not a lot of folks enjoy procedures. Long procedures are great for IV sedation, especially if extractions and other procedures like it need to be done.


Looking for IV Sedation Dentistry in Ontario? Book your appointment with Monarch Dentistry today! An IV sedation is a great way for those who are averse to heading to the dentist to get the care they need. Check with your dentist and see if IV sedation is one of the things that they offer.

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