Happy Girl & child at Souhtern On because Laughing Gas dental treatment

One of the biggest issues in dentistry is making sure that patients are comfortable throughout the entirety of a procedure. This is almost always easier said than done. Novocain is one way to numb up a patient, but another way to get a patient properly sedated so that they don’t feel pain during the procedure is laughing gas. Laughing gas is an easy way for dentists to give their patients a comfortable experience. One of the biggest barriers for people to get dental treatment is the expectation of pain. Thanks to laughing gas, this barrier has been removed. Laughing gas is available in many practices, and there are many ways that patients will benefit from it.

How Laughing Gas Works

When you sit in the dental chair and elect to go with laughing gas, the dentist will give you a mask to breathe the gas in. This is similar to how patients who are short of breath and need oxygen use the mask. In the case of laughing gas, the patient will breathe in the gas and then will be sent to a state of semi-consciousness while the procedure is taking place. The St. Catharines dentist will time out how much gas is needed to do the procedure, and once that’s all done, you will come out from it naturally.

The Benefits of Laughing Gas

If you are a person who doesn’t like the idea of going to the dentist, then laughing gas is exactly what you need to make sure that you get the dental treatment you need without having to worry about the pain involved. The reality is that most dental procedures aren’t painful when the area is numbed, but the psychology of having such instruments in your mouth can be jarring. Laughing gas takes that fear away and allows the dentist to work on you in a partially sedated state, making their job a bit easier.


Laughing gas is a great solution for many folks needing dental care. Instead of worrying about what will happen in the chair, let the laughing gas do its job to keep you calm and relaxed so the dentist can work.

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