Girl with a Night & Athletic Mouth Guards at St Catharines dental clinic

Protecting your teeth is one of the most important things you can do, and when playing sports or sleeping, your teeth are vulnerable to a lot of different issues. In terms of mouth guards, athletic mouth guards and night guards serve wildly different purposes, but the goal is the same – keeping your teeth intact. In terms of how they work, both provide a barrier between your teeth. However, the night guard is designed to prevent teeth grinding while the athletic mouthguard is designed to essentially be a shock absorber. The good news here is that a good dentist can get you fit correctly for either one. While they take some getting used to at first, they work great.

How Night Guards Work

Teeth grinding is a major problem that people have, and the big issue is that grinding teeth erodes the biting surface and breaks down the enamel. When this happens, the nerve root can be exposed, and that leads to a host of dental problems. This process gets repeated throughout the mouth and could result in the loss of teeth. Night guards are designed to be strong against grinding. Your dentist understands that you can’t stop grinding, but the night guard keeps you from damaging the surface of your teeth. The best part is people using night guards report a more restful night.

How Athletic Mouth Guards Work

The purpose behind athletic mouth guards is to keep teeth in the mouth. In combat sports especially, teeth are often a casualty of the battle. With an athletic mouth guard, it is much easier to keep your teeth, and there are a host of other benefits. For example, athletic mouth guards reduce the instance of concussions by a large percentage. They act as shock absorbers for the jaw, and this is one of the ways that neurological health is maintained. Know more about Athletic Mouth Guards For Braces.


Whether you grind your teeth or are into combat sports, mouth guards are vitally important. Check with your Southern Ontario  dentist today to see about getting a mouth guard that is molded to fit your mouth most comfortably.

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