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The idea of getting dental treatment makes many patients anxious. Studies indicate that more than 50 percent of patients feel apprehensive before visiting a dentist. Unfortunately, as a result, people tend to postpone essential dental treatments that they need and deserve.

Doing this can increase the risks of pain and discomfort later on. Our skilled dentists near you administer a range of effective sedation methods to keep you relaxed.

How Sleep Dentistry Can Help

Dentists can put you to sleep by using conscious or oral sleep dentistry. Thanks to the benefits of sleep dentistry, our patients experience little or no discomfort even during complex procedures. Our qualified dentists are able to perform in-office dental surgeries while maximizing patient experience at the same time.

We will choose the right form of sleep dentistry for your unique needs, depending on your age, current health status, and nature of your treatment. Patients who suffer from acute sensitivity may require higher levels of sedation.

Different Types of Dental Sedation

Our experienced dentists at Monarch Dentistry will record important health information, including allergies to medication, and details about recent surgical and dental procedures.

Common dental sedation techniques include:

Oral Sedation – The patient may need to take one pill 30 minutes or one hour before the scheduled procedure, as prescribed by our trained dentists. Oral sedation relaxes the patient without putting them to sleep completely. You will be able to respond to questions but will not experience any pain during treatment.

Conscious or Intravenous Sedation – Intravenous sleep dentistry results in reduced awareness and invokes a deep state of relaxation. We will administer the medicine through an IV line, and the sedation medication acts faster than oral pills.

The effects of oral or IV sedation may linger for a couple of hours after treatment, depending on the strength of the dosage. Patients are likely to feel groggy and should organize a ride home, as driving on your own may be risky.

If nervousness has been keeping you from visiting Monarch Dentistry, please contact our trained dentists for reliable sleep dentistry near you.

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