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When Should You Return to Normal after Getting Veneers?

May 01, 2023

Are you considering getting a new smile by hiding dental flaws with your teeth impacting your smile? You may receive information that dental veneers are excellent for changing the looks of your smile by hiding imperfections on your front teeth.

When you consider dental veneers, you will likely wonder how much time you will require to return to regular activities after getting them bonded over your teeth. Instead of remaining concerned about the time needed after dental veneers to resume your everyday activities, it helps if you discuss the veneer process with the nearby dental clinic to receive comprehensive information on the procedure.

When Can You Get Your Veneers to Change Your Smile?

When you visit the dental clinic nearby to discuss getting dental veneers, expect the professionals to examine your teeth to determine whether they suit the procedure. Dental veneers are unsuitable for infected teeth, and the professionals suggest you receive treatment for the condition before considering aesthetic improvements to your teeth.

If everything is acceptable, dentists offer you multiple versions of veneers customized from dental-grade porcelain or composite resin. While you can have composite resin veneers in one appointment with them, you will require at least two appointments if you decide on porcelain veneers. Therefore you must discuss both options with the dentist before making a decision.

If you want a long-lasting solution for the problems with your teeth, you can consider porcelain veneers to cover chips, cracks, severe discoloration, gaps between your teeth, and uneven teeth. However, you must prepare for considerable expenditure because porcelain shells are the most expensive sets being incredibly durable.

Composite resin veneers also cover similar imperfections with your teeth but are not as durable as porcelain shells and will cost half as much as the other. The version you choose to have over your teeth will determine how much time you need to return to normal after hiding your dental flaws.

The Dental Veneer Procedure

If you decide on composite shells to cover your dental defects, the procedure is straightforward and merely requires the etching of the tooth surfaces needing treatment. After roughing the tooth surface, the dentist applies tooth colored composite resin over the affected tooth, molds, and shapes it as desired. The composite resin is hardened using ultraviolet light and reshaped after hardening if required. You can return to your regular activities soon after improving the looks of your teeth to show off a beautiful smile.

If you have chosen the more durable porcelain shells, you will require at least two appointments with the dentist for tooth preparation and customization of your porcelain surfaces from a dental laboratory.

During your first appointment, the dentist must administer local anesthesia near the affected tooth because porcelain shells require tooth enamel removal past the dentin to accommodate the surfaces. In addition, the restructured tooth will receive a temporary acrylic veneer for protection until the dental lab returns your permanent shells in approximately three weeks.

You can revisit St. Catherine’s dentist three weeks later to have the permanent shells bonded to your teeth by removing the temporary surfaces. Although the temporary veneers are easily removable, you can request anesthesia if uncomfortable with the procedure.

The dentist will bond porcelain dental veneers in Tremont over your affected teeth after assessing them for color and fit. They use special dental cement to bond the veneers to your teeth and trim them if required to ensure they appear like natural teeth.

After getting porcelain shells on your teeth, you will not experience intense discomfort unless you have received anesthesia during the placement. You can return to your regular activities soon after getting porcelain shells, but you must refrain from foods and beverages for at least three to four hours to ensure the surfaces adhere to your tooth and don’t come off when eating foods.

Getting dental veneers on your teeth appears lengthy and may even cause discomfort if you have chosen the porcelain version. However, you will spend more time with the dentist discussing the procedure to ensure you select the optimal façade for your tooth to hide its imperfections. In addition, you can return to regular activities soon after getting dental veneers over your teeth, showing off a beautiful smile instead of dental imperfections.

Monarch dentistry — St Catherine’s provides porcelain and cosmetic resin dental veneers to many patients with dental flaws impacting their smile. If you are affected by a similar problem, a meeting with them helps you enhance your smile in one or two visits with minimal downtime.

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